Energy Savings

Raise The Metal Roof And Reduce The Cost

Using the metal roof overlay products from TopHat Framing Systems on your metal reroofing project boosts energy savings and sustainability and is cost effective. Air spaces and insulation installed in the metal overlay can yield substantial operating savings over the lifetime of the building.

Energy Savings

  • Additional Air Space

    The structural space between the existing roof and the new TopHat Framing Systems roof creates a thermal break. This air space in the metal overlay not only results in increased energy efficiency, but also allows for the application of additional insulation, which can generate even greater energy savings.

  • Customized Depth

    The TopHat roofing system can be fabricated to suit a variety of building specifications and accommodate a range of insulation requirements.

  • Cool Metal Capability

    Use cool-metal roofing materials with the TopHat Framing roofing system for optimal energy savings.

  • Meeting Clean Energy Standards

    By helping meet ENERGY STAR or LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System standards, the TopHat roofing system can increase potential tax credits, lower heating and cooling costs and add to an environmentally friendly building.

  • Reduced Landfill Use

    Think sustainable. Install a TopHat system and your old roof stays right where it is, not in a landfill.

  • Download Energy Savings Brochure

MCA Metal Roof Retrofit White Paper

A Method to Stimulate the Economy, Achieve Energy Savings, and Sustain the Environment While Modernizing Public School Facilities in the United States.

"The installation of sustainable retrofit metal roof assemblies over existing school building roofs can save energy for heating and cooling dramatically extend the roofs’ service life, and enhance the appearance of the buildings."
Metal Construction Association - March 2009

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