Tim is a professional with more than 35 years experience in the industrial and commercial metal roofing and siding industry. He invented and patented the company's innovative retrofit framing system. Metal roofing is truly his passion, and he uses his sizeable experience to ensure every customer's needs are met. Tim is proud to market what engineering tests prove to be the strongest retrofit framing system on the market today.

Before his time with TopHat, Tim spent over 30 years growing his family's successful Northeast Ohio roofing and siding business. He served as President and co-owner from 1998-2010. Throughout his professional tenure, Tim developed a deep understanding of all aspects of the industrial and commercial metal roofing industry by filling various roles in the company.

Tim has furnished roofing materials and installed metal roofs throughout the United States. He oversaw the successful completion of hundreds of commercial roofing jobs, including work at NASA, the U.S. Capitol building, military bases, nuclear power plants, foreign embassies, and large universities. Call TopHat Framing Systems today to consult with him about the product's applications and benefits. Tim is happy to talk about his passion and build relationships with new and existing customers!